$39,394 Raised


Organizer: Kevin Tacher

Beneficiary: Kristin Quezada

We have met our goal to Fly Kristin Home via Medivac. Should you wish to continue to support the families ongoing medical expenses please feel free to donate! - Thank you!


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Kristin has been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that only one in 10,000,000 people get diagnosed with. It's called OMS - Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome, caused by the GAD antibody which makes her a rare case in history ever diagnosed with this specific illness.

They have no end in sight and limited medical insurance to cover medical expenses. So I started by asking for 100 people to donate $180 to Medivac her to a Florida hospital. The little insurance they have would only transport her 100 miles and she was already been in a Colorado hospital for 3 weeks. So I am pleased to let you know that in a little over 27 hours, we emailed, posted, set up a website and received enough money to Fly Kristin Home!

This isn't over yet because the initial medical bills are already over $500,000. On August 3rd, Kristin was at a hospital for a week, they were unsure how to treat her. She was sent to another hospital in Colorado for another few weeks for extensive testing. Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome is a type autoimmune disease where your own antibodies attack your healthy tissue. Kristin has just completed a process called plazmapheresis. This takes all of her plazma and cleans it of antibodies. She has a long way to go and many more tests and procedures. We still haven't found the cause of this debilitating disease, that has caused her to be in a hospital bed for almost two months. She has only been able to see her 3 beautiful girls a few times. She missed her oldest daughters 1st day of school and August 28 she missed her daughters birthday as well. Kristin can not walk without assistance and her motor functions are impaired. The OMS is effecting her eyes so she has been essentially without sight as well. Kristin is in the dark, so we as a community need to support this mother of three.

The commitment of our community coming together to help is shown and the donations are continuing to come in. The family is going to have an extreme amount of medical bills. The bill to date is over $500,000. So we are still collecting for this great cause and will help get get her well and this amazing family back to normal.

You can continue to make donations online by clicking through on this site or call/email to make other arrangements.

Organizer: Kevin Tacher | Phone Number: (754) 264-3738 | Email Address: Kevin@TitleRate.com